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I love cross stitch, chocolate, tea, exercise and my heating pad under a pile of blankets. I am a little ADD and extremely busy with life so don't always post as I should. I usually only update with new stitching accomplishments but, may try to blog a little more in the near future. HOWEVER, if you are here visiting me, I hope I can make you smile and bring joy to your life even for a brief second.

After all, isn't life a bunch of brief seconds running after each other to weave the story of our life?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Christmas Ornies April-July 09

Fair & Square Summer Round and Round 14 Exchanges Received

Above is the Summer Round from Karen R. in Australia.
Below is Round 14 from Pokua in Australia.

I love both of them. You can go to the Fair & Square Blog to read my comments about these 2 pieces. I really like doing exchanges.

Whew, Finally Home

Got back in from Florida/Bahamas last night. Glad we came back then. Needed today to regroup (unpack, wash clothes, grocery shop, etc.) I am not looking forward to going back to work tom.

I will discuss my trip a little further later this week. Today, I want to post my stitching updates.

To begin with: This is from Aury -Tiny Treasures Exchange Floss Ring. I love it. Go to that blog and read my response.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Florida Bound

Suitcase is packed. Everything is taken care of around the house. Just going to double-check the most important item I am taking, my stitching. I can stitch riding in a car so, I hope to get a lot accomplished. I am taking my Pals stitching exchange piece and my ornament to make for the month of August (per my new years resolution). Pray for us to have a safe trip and plenty of good family bonding. Will post on my return.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Needy People

Sometimes working with the public can drain you. I had a few "needy" people today that gave me a headache. Oh well, after a quick shower, I am going to take Faye Raye's advice and kit me up some projects for Florida. I have finally decided what I am going to stitch/finish for the Pals stitching exchange; something I have never done before and am excited to try it. shhh wait till October for the convention. (faye, if you are reading this, i need your email and/or your blog address-got a question for you)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Desperately Wanting Stitching Time

Between work and training for the mud run, I have not had much time to stitch. Boy, can I tell. I feel a little high strung and it sure calms me down. I have several projects I would like to complete this month but with vacation in Florida next week, stitching will be limited to the car trip down and back (maybe at night on the ship and in hotel room). I plan to pick out the projects tomorrow night. Too tired to feel creative tonight.

Summer Round 2009 Fair & Square Exchange

I thought this design was so cute and Karen R. in Australia has informed me, she really likes it. Tea is huge here in the southeastern United States. I am glad she enjoys as well. Her summer is just beginning over there. So cheers to you Karen.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fair & Square July 4th Exchange Received

I fell in love with this when it came in the mail. This looks like something I would have picked out to stitch for myself. Thanks for the great job Corinna-TX!

Fair & Square July 4th Exchange Sent

I made this for Corinna-TX. I know she liked it! I love it!

Severely Neglected Blog Updates!

Daniela's work is beautiful. She knew how much I liked stitched houses and made me quite happy with this piece. The signature piece is really cute too. Thanks!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pals Stitching Spring Exchange Received

This was a nice surprise in the mail this week. Karen D.-Arizona stitched and sent all these goodies for me. I have this design and was wanting to stitch it for myself. But now, thanks to Karen, I can enjoy this. It already has a home on a shelf in my house. Thanks Karen.

Pals Stitching Spring Exchange Sent

I stitched & finished this pinkeep for Shelleen. This is what Shawn (DH) wanted me to keep at home and stitch something else for Shelleen. Ha Ha. I told him I would stitch another one. I really like all the colors in it. Purple is Shelleen's favorite color so I hope it goes well in her house.

Fair & Square Spring Design Exchange

Piece I stitched for Heidi-Germany.

Stitching Update

Fair & Square Round 13 (no theme) piece I stitched for Dani B-Ontario, Canada.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Poor Little Neglected Blog

Time has been zooming by. Work has been HECTIC. My stitching time has suffered a little bit. Finally got some exchanges off. Will post pics of when recipient receives them. I was a little behind on my New Year's stitching resolution of stitching one Christmas ornie per month. I knocked one out last night and will post pic a little later this week. Several exchanges to do and still trying to work on some UFO's. So wish I could quit work and stay home and stitch more, but don't we all.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exchanges Received This Week. I love them!

Spring Round from Heidi B. in Germany. What a happy design.

Round 12 from Danielle B. in Canada. Love, love, love this!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Found My Head Today!

Whew, first time in a while since I posted; been working 12 hour days again. I haven't stitched all week; have not had time. Work has been crazy 8-8:30pm every day. Not complaining because we have been blessed, considering the economy .But, man on man, my stitching has suffered! I have 3 exchanges to complete in the next few weeks and another UFO and Christmas ornie to accomplish for the month. I have not EVEN picked up my Peppermint Twist SAL except to move it from the couch to a chair but, I will get to it. I am taking this Thursday (9th) and Friday (10th-MY BIRTHDAY) off and am planning to stitch up a storm. I cannot believe I will be 47 years old. Where has the time gone? WELL, here is how I have spent some of my almost 47 years.



(JBW Designs "A Very Merry Spring")

And I received my Fair & Square Easter Exchange from Jeanie Chow in Singapore! How Cute! It is a freebie from San Man Originals. Perfect for Easter.

Round 11 piece stitched for Cyndi H.
Motif from Victoria Sampler-"Where Stitchers Gather")

My piece I received from her is on February 14th posting.

This should complete my stitching so far for the year. (will probably find one stuck somewhere, if so, will post) :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My life has been a whirlwind of traveling up & down the road. I think I passed myself in the road today but, was too tired to wave at me! Started work 730 this morning and did not walk out of there till 630 tonight! Busy with clients. Glad the beauty industry is holding its own these days. My stitching has been suffering a little, but not a lot. This week, however, looks to be pretty intense with computer work. Too tired to even work out today. The thought of stitching sounds appealing yet curling up under a heavy load of blankets and going to sleep early doesn't sound too bad either. Need to post pics of exchanges and finished projects. Will get to it when I can!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog Hopping Hits Home

As I blog-hop, I think of my poor little blog. The time I spend reading other people's blogs could be spent updating mine. My life is sooooooo busy, that tasks only get half done. No, it's not ADD. If only I could quit work and catch up on some things I want to do. Work has really been busy. Dr. Sherman and I trained with a rep. today on a new facial filler-Radiesse. Love It! My husband was a guinea pig and the before and after shots of him are truly spectacular. One of the reasons I don't want to quit work. I get to see all the cool stuff out there for slowing down the aging proces.

Stitching has been going fairly well. Finished and received 2 exchange pieces and will post pics of all at some point. Will be gone again this weekend for training in Summerville. So, not much stitching or posting time. Boring blog entry but at least want to catch up.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Stitching Plans for The Weekend

I am going for the next 3 days to Summerville, SC for part 1 of a 6 day advanced medical esthetics course. I will be staying in Mt. Pleasant with my sister-in-law. So, I plan to stitch in the evenings at her house. I am currently doing an excellent job in keeping up with my 2009 New Year's stitching resolutions. I resolved to stitch a Christmas ornament every month of 2009 and will take March's project with me. I also resolved to work on my UFO's and am taking 2 of those with me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Treat From Hubby

These were sent to my job Friday. Aren't they beautiful? Just as beautiful as he is!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Peppermint Twist SAL Current Status

Have not worked on this in about a month. Way too busy. But this posting is meant to motivate me to get back to it on our SAL Monday's. The bottom snowflake is complete, just hard to see. Still need to stitch an ornament this month to keep up with resolution of one per month before Christmas.

Fair & Square Winter Design Exchange

I fell in love with this piece from Jennifer F. the instant I opened it. My husband & I love cardinals and Jennifer added some sparkle and beads to the piece. This design is from Waxing Moon called "Winter Cardinal" Her signature piece is really good too. I have got to learn how to do a good signature piece. Thanks so much!

Never Enough Time To Stay Current

Aggravated that I have not had time to keep up with my blog.
But, I am here now-Valentine's Day!
Here is the 1st of two Fair & Square exchange pieces I received.

Round 11 from Cyndi H. No Theme.

How cute are they! This design is from Prairie Schooler #72 "Two By Two". She chose a color of fabric that I really like. I so appreciate this and the handmade card she included. Thanks Cyndi

Monday, January 12, 2009


Ready for warm weather. Feeling bored. Don't want to work. Just want to stitch. I am sure half the stitchers in the world feel the same way. Always stuff that needs to be done and just don't have enough time in the day to do it. Want to jazz up my blog, but not sure how. Any Suggestions?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Misc. Info.

Have had a busy few days. Gift certificates we sold at Christmas for facials and massages are starting to come in.

We bought a surround system for our T.V. last night. Am waiting for a friend to come hook it up. Will probably lose the rest of my hearing by the summer, since DH is the one who wanted the system and loves his movies and sports loud.

Ran 4 miles Thursday. Real excited. Have not done that in a while. It was fairly easy. Guess with all the excess fat finally off my body, anything should be easier! Wonder if other stitchers are also starting their new year off with exercise as well as stitching.

Still whittling away at my UFO's. Completed a few more. Am currently working on an ornament. Should be finished by tom. Just in time to start my SAL!