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I love cross stitch, chocolate, tea, exercise and my heating pad under a pile of blankets. I am a little ADD and extremely busy with life so don't always post as I should. I usually only update with new stitching accomplishments but, may try to blog a little more in the near future. HOWEVER, if you are here visiting me, I hope I can make you smile and bring joy to your life even for a brief second.

After all, isn't life a bunch of brief seconds running after each other to weave the story of our life?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Poor Little Neglected Blog

Time has been zooming by. Work has been HECTIC. My stitching time has suffered a little bit. Finally got some exchanges off. Will post pics of when recipient receives them. I was a little behind on my New Year's stitching resolution of stitching one Christmas ornie per month. I knocked one out last night and will post pic a little later this week. Several exchanges to do and still trying to work on some UFO's. So wish I could quit work and stay home and stitch more, but don't we all.

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Carolyn NC said...

Life does zoom by, doesn't it? Good to hear from you, though. Looking forward to the pictures!