Welcome To My Corner Of The Cross Stitching World!

I love cross stitch, chocolate, tea, exercise and my heating pad under a pile of blankets. I am a little ADD and extremely busy with life so don't always post as I should. I usually only update with new stitching accomplishments but, may try to blog a little more in the near future. HOWEVER, if you are here visiting me, I hope I can make you smile and bring joy to your life even for a brief second.

After all, isn't life a bunch of brief seconds running after each other to weave the story of our life?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Esthetician School-1st Week

Wow, have enjoyed my 1st week of esthetics school more than I thought I would. There are 9 other girls/women in class with me and we all get along with much fun and laughter. I have already learned 3/4 of the European Facial and made a 100 on my first test. I am very excited. I stay in Columbia during the week and come home on the weekends. I also joined Gold's Gym and have started exercising and eating a little better. I have not had much time to stitch. When I have a little time, I have been too tired to pick up the needle. I plan to start back tonight. I went to Down Sunshine Lane's web page and saw some cute designs just released. I ordered the chart "Home of A Needleworker" and felt it got my creative juices flowing. I appreciate everyone's comments to my posts. I wish I could talk with everyone or at least email more often, but just know, my Cross Stitch Pals, that I think of EVERYONE all the time. Wishing everyone love and happiness.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not off to a good start!

Wow, talk about big plans for a blog and only posting once! The story of my busy life.
Got engaged on Christmas Day. Shawn got on one knee and asked me in front of my 2 girls. We cried and laughed. The ring is beautiful. (see pic) We have not set a date yet.

Start esthetician school Jan.21 for 13 weeks in Columbia, SC. A 1 1/2 hour drive one way. Plan on finding someone to stay with a few nights during the week. Excited about going to school but, still wish I was financially able to just stay home designing stitching patterns and stitching all my projects that I have purchased along the years.

I am enjoying my very first RR and am working on the second of 10 parts to the project. Should have taken picture of first but, passed it along to Amy of Down Sunshine Lane (my favorite place to stash shop). Accidentally stitched hers first but am almost finished with the one I should have started with. I am also currently working on a beautiful project of scissors that I will post at some point. Oh well, time for bed!!